So yes, it's breast cancer, but there's a twist

This is a complex post, so please read to the end to make sure you get the whole story. It's actually an encouraging one, so bear with me as I explain. I am in for a journey, but it's not a bleak one.

First the practical updates. New England is being pelted with snow. There's a state of emergency and the accumulation is four feet deep in my yard. Understandably, I was not able to make it into Boston Monday for my in-person follow up and stitches removal. We're housebound, and I'm soaking up the ...

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Katherine's Adventures: Two Radio Shows :)

I returned to the air on Thursday and it's great to be back! If you would like a little fun, you might enjoy hearing my Hour 1 radio shows from Thursday and Friday that recount my exciting adventures. Here are the links:

Hour 1 Thursday - Defying a weather travel ban and taking a snowplow 50 miles to emergency neurosurgery!

Hour 1 Friday - Part II of my saga

My stitches are out and my husband took me for a gorgeous (still long) haircut. My ...

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Immobilizing the Brain

Wow, this image is from the Wikipedia entry on "Neurosurgery." Doesn't that look like a medieval torture device? *laugh* Thank God for them, though! And if you scroll down the entry to the section titled "See Also" which names all the pioneers in this highly specialized, advanced high-tech procedure, please say a prayer for each one of them, all of whom had a role in saving my life.

I can tell they used all these clamps on my head because I can feel the places where the bolts were up against my scalp to immobilize me duriing surgery. I ...

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Printable Wallet Card - No Organ Donation

Dr. Paul Byrne of Life Guardian Foundation has agreed to allow me to post this printable wallet card (LINK) for my listeners to print and use for free.

This card tells medical providers you do not consent to organ donation, and instructs them to take every medically appropriate measure to save your life in the event you are in an accident or other emergency. Please print this and follow the directions.

The cost of this card is a $2 voluntary donation, which can be paid online with PayPal or a credit card. (I did.)

As I've pointed out on ...

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No Computer for an Hour this Morning

On Wednesday's radio show, I discussed some recent research showing that people perform 20% worse on a math task when their phones are in sight than when they're out of sight. (You can read the paper here.)

I was patting myself on the back, since *I* don't have that particular problem, when I realized (live, on air) that I am every bit as much of an addict as the nomophobes ("NO-MObile-PHOne" freak outs) I smugly criticize. My addiction is not the phone, however, it's email, and in the last week I've developed a new compulsion ...

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