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Katherine Albrecht was likely the most highly cited privacy activist between 2002 and 2007. Her dedication to the causes of CASPIAN did not go unnoticed by the media who looked to Katherine for a frank assessment of the status quo. FACTIVA indicates almost 800 news articles, but these do not include citations from countless refereed and non-refereed articles in academia, predominantly of the Spychips book she co-authored with Liz McIntyre.

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The New American Media (3 August 2022)

"Agree To Disagree" host Brian Engelman welcomes Dr. Katherine Albrecht to the program to discuss privacy.

Dr. Albrecht is a consumer privacy advocate, public speaker, technology expert, author of 6 books & videos & is a daily syndicated radio host on GCN.

Katherine & Brian talk about:
- The history of spy RFID chips & barcodes
- Facebook, Google & free e-mail services
- Edward Snowden & NSA spy tatics
- Obamacare, implantable chips & loss of medical privacy

Plus Bradley Manning, IRS, data hub, Agenda 21, smart meters, & more.

Please check out the completely private search engine that Katherine helped develop at: www.Startpage.com

& be sure to check out ...

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