A Short Update...

I am still in Washington DC at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.

For today’s show, we’re going to air a “best-of” program. (A Sept 2009 interview with Paul Green, who walked us through the steps to near-total Telco privacy. A not-to-miss, information dense broadcast.)

On another note: I am working with some European American activists on a response to the recent revelations regarding PRISM.

I'll keep you posted!

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In Washington DC for the CFP Conference

Hello to my radio listeners:

I am currently in Washington DC for the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.

For today's show, we're going to air a “best-of” program. (This one is good – an Oct 2010 interview with Jeffrey M. Smith, who shared the unpublished dangers of GMO foods with us.)

I'll be back soon to tell you how my trip went!

In freedom,

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Russia Today (24 June 2022)

RT, Dr Katherine Albrecht

Post PRISM: Encrypted communications boom after NSA leaks

As governments use all powers at their disposal to pry into the lives of ordinary citizens worldwide, people are trying to protect themselves - seeking out services that shield their personal information. This has led to a veritable boom of digital encryption. RT's Marina Portnaya has the details.

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