For all the people excited about Startpage's new private email service, we are kicking the tires on it now, and it looks great.

We expect to begin beta testing in Q1 of next year.

I can hardly wait!

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Back on Antibiotics

(Somehow forgot to hit "publish" on this yesterday.)

So I think I figured out what the culprit was that has me feeling so awful: an impending infection. No fever, but a low-grade fester that could explain all the tiredness, weakness, aches, and recent misery. Went back on antibiotics (Cefadroxil) Monday night and woke up feeling only 1/4 dead, rather than half dead. *laugh*

I have my three-week post-op visit tomorrow. Fingers crossed that all is going well.

I am using my down time to work on my upcoming children's book, "I Won't Take the Mark." (Yes, that ...

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She's up, she's down, she's up, she's down...

Okay, so I overdid it. I cooked a meal on Saturday, then went to church yesterday. You'd think I could handle those two little things. After all, it's been what, 19 days since my surgery, right?

Well, I sure thought I could handle that, but my body clearly thought otherwise. I collapsed in a broken heap yesterday after church, and woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. (Another truck, that is.)

I ached all over, had a headache, nausea, hot flashes again from reintroducing Tamoxifen last week, and felt so weak I ...

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On the Mend!

I'm on the mend! I got drain #2 out on Wednesday, and drain #3 out on Friday, so no more drains. That means I can shower again without having to tape myself up with Tegaderm plastic (to which I am vaguely allergic). I am off all pain meds but two Advil at night before bed, and I am cleared to take my handful of anti-cancer, post-cancer, pro-sleep, pro-immune system supplements twice a day.

I still walk slowly and painfully, I'm still a little bit hunched over, and I am creaking up and down stairs. But I can get ...

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Dr. Albrecht goes mainstream with her message on WBEN radio930's The Robert Saviola Show with guest host Eric Polanski of the FREE group - a WNY antiglobalization group. Dr. Albrecht talks about CASPIAN, RFIDs, Startpage and tracking. In the second part of the show, Robert Saviola calls in from sunny Florida to talk about the foul play at the RNC and their denying Ron Paul delegates a place at the convention.

Robert Saviola Show (15 September 2022)

Katherine on the Robert Saviola Show.

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