Could SOY be contributing to society's new gender troubles?

Have you noticed all the recent news stories about gender confusion? An alarming  number of people claim to feel either incorrectly gendered, or altogether genderless. From "Chaz" Bono, to Warren Beatty's daughter-turned-son, to the Japanese guy who did not feel affiliated with either gender so he amputated his, um, unwanted parts (and then fed them to paying guests), this bizarre trend seems to be accelerating.

Could changing hormone profiles be the culprit?

The phytoestrogens found in soy foods are a controversial area of research. In a number of studies, they have been shown to adversely affect reproductive health, sexual ...

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"New Breed" Security

What is going on with company names lately? And why are so many of them choosing super creepy logos?

I was recently searching for photos of t-shirts worn by security staff at the 2012 Coachella music festival, after glimpsing a shirt that seemed to have a giant RFID-tagged hand on the back. Although I didn't find the Coachella t-shirts, I did  run across this gem of a video: "Security Guard punches female @ Future Music Festival."

I clicked up the video and saw the words "New Breed Security" on the guard's back. Calling your aggressive security goons a "new ...

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"Five Notes from Ghana:" Spirit summoning in popular music?

"They Sold Their Soul for Rock and Roll" researcher Pastor Joe Schimmel has been a guest on my radio show several times, and his insights are always riveting. He makes a compelling case that much of today's popular music was created by artists who have an openly satanic affiliation. This is not something he superimposes on the artists at random, it's based on their own clear statements, album art, stage shows, and lyrics.

As I've been pondering the spiritual impact music has on us for good or evil, it occurred to me to wonder whether modern music ...

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PECTIN is a powerful cancer fighter

Here's some good news! Pectin, the cheap jelly thickener available in the supermarket for $3, turns out to be a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Researchers have found that consuming dietary pectin reduces tumor incidence, slows tumor growth, and reduces metastasis.

Pectin works by binding with the clumping factor on cancer cells to prevent them from binding with each other. Or, in more scientific terms, "Specifically inhibits the carbohydrate-binding protein galectin-3, on tumor growth and metastasis in vivo and on galectin-3-mediated functions in vitro."

Pectin is a gummy gel that binds liquid ingredients used to make jams ...

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The song in that Intellitix video

I've been paying a lot of attention to music lately, marveling at the power it has to destroy our discretion and make even terrible things seem great.

I re-watched the Itellitix video below, once through without music (which is how I strongly suggest you watch it first) and then with music. Again, I was struck by how the music changes everything.

It's been a thunderbolt of realization for me to see how fun, happy, bouncy, cheerful music can instantly change your spirit -- and completely blind you to evil. It's a powerful and deceptive trick. Like so many ...

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