Chemo went well - and I got out early!

My day at the cancer center yesterday went extremely well. We got there on time, and fortunately the staff was all on time, too, so I was out of there by 6:30 PM. I always forget that the TDM-1 infusions take only 30 minutes, once all the rigamarole is over. That's a very early departure, considering yesterday was the latest start time I've ever had.

In contrast, A/C and Taxotere, the "hard" chemos I got last year, took four hours to infuse, followed by a one-hour observation period to make sure I had survived. Plus we ...

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TDM1 #14 Today - "Anticipatory Nausea"

Don' t know how my brainstem figured out that I am having chemo today, but after feeling great for two weeks, I am right this moment feeling as sick as a green dog on a rollicking boat. Like room-spinning nausea. All I can do is groan.

And I haven't even left the house yet.

They call it "anticipatory nausea" and it's very common for chemo patients. It happens when the brain sends a nausea signal to the body because it knows nausea-inducing events are coming. Unfortunately, knowing it's all in my head doesn't make it any ...

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Credit Card Assist (12 March 2022)

This industry-wide trend of data mining and subsequent analysis is disturbing on two fronts. First, the techniques retailers use to monitor and record information about us is becoming increasingly invasive. Every single tidbit of information you provide a store or social network or, now, Google is recorded and stored away forever. The only way to shop “off the grid” is to pay for everything in cash while simultaneously refusing to sign anything or use any coupon that can be used to reveal your information. And sometimes, even that doesn’t guarantee you aren’t being watched. Last year, Wal-Mart began ...

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