It's always scary when a breast cancer patient stops blogging updates. But don't worry - I'm still alive and kicking. In fact, on several of these last twelve silent days it's been more a case of me feeling too good to slow down to write rather than the other way around.

So what's new? Plenty! I started a new exercise routine on January 17th, and have successfully made it to the gym for a vigorous 30-60 minute workout every day since (excepting Sundays). I've even bought stylish new workout clothes.

I'll be honest, I ...

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Good news: I got a clean mammogram this week on the remaining side.

And I just took my first tamoxifen. Please pray with me that it keeps the cancer at bay with minimum side effects.

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Resources for Health Research

Asparagus cures cancer! Wait! What you really need is lemon juice! Hey, what about baking soda?! No, I'm telling you, the real secret is hydrogen peroxide! 

Sometimes I think I've heard it all.

But before I believe or dismiss random health claims, I do a bit of homework. How? Here are a few of the online research tools I use. They are invaluable resources.

The free online portal to published medical journal articles
If you don't have a scientific background, just skip to the last sentences of the abstracts to get the "straight scoop."

Memorial Sloane ...

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Chemo yesterday (#12)

Twelve down, five more to go!

I spent yesterday at the cancer center getting infused with TDM-1, the Herceptin-based drug that attaches to the HER2 growth receptors in any remaining cancer cells to clog them up, slow them down, flag them for destruction by the immune system, and poison them. It was a very long day, and my husband and I did not get home til after 10 PM.

I woke this morning a little shakier than I usually do after a TDM-1 infusion, and actually came close to throwing up. I have a blasting headache, but the queasiness is ...

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