"Be Still my Soul"

Wow! My friend Michael Fisher just sent me this video link, and it gave me goosebumps. God is with us through every trial!

And for a more irreverent song that contains a reference to Michael's law-defying manicure antics, check out these Roy Zimmerman lyrics. (Regular listeners to my radio show will recognize this song immediately.)
(Post edited at Michael's request.)

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Warning Song about the Beast

A while back I interviewed singer-songwriter Sand Sheff on my radio show. His song, "Rainbow Sign," is about the mark of the beast. Click the icon to hear a striking excerpt from the song:

"The Beast is in the wires. It hides behind the fires."

Sand is one of maybe a dozen public figures I've met over the years, along with Greg Nikolettos and Mark Lerner, who have seen the same vision about technology and prophecy that I have. Namely: The beast is driving the development of technology to enslave us. For lots more on Sand Sheff, including music ...

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India's Biometric ID Card in the News

As I write this, government workers in India are undertaking the largest biometric data collection and assignment of unique ID numbers in history. 1.2 billion people are getting iris scanned and fingerprinted. I first talked about this on my radio show over a year ago, when I interviewed one of the leading Indian opponents of the UID (Unique ID) scheme. I'm glad the mainstream press has finally picked it up!

Of course, U.S. biometrics giant L-1 and President Obama are involved. For more on the topic of creepy government data-collection initiatives, here's another radio show I ...

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HER2+ Breast Cancer and Herceptin Video

If you'd like to understand how HER2+ (pronounced "her two positive") breast cancer is different from other breast cancers, and to understand the experimental drug TDM1 I am taking to treat it, this video about Herceptin is a good place to start.

HER2+ breast cancer is an aggressive, fast-growing form of breast cancer that afflicts around 20% of breast cancer patients. Before the development of Herceptin, a targeted drug to treat it, this kind of cancer was very dangerous indeed.

TDM1 is the next generation of Herceptin that, in addition to clogging up the HER2 receptors like this video ...

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