Hit by a bus

I'd say this was one of the worst days I have experienced since starting this horrific breast cancer journey. I am day 5 out from my first dose of Taxotere and feel like I've been hit by a bus. A dark, gloomy bus. I hurt so bad last night all I could do was grimace and rock back and forth and cry. Deep, bone aches, like restless leg, but as if my bones were groaning from the inside out. Today, I am like the rusted woman, brittle, heavy, useless, restless, directionless, rootless, and ungrounded. I can't relax ...

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Today is Sunday and I am just realizing how hard Wednesday's chemo hit me. Taxotere is derived from the yew tree, so it's one of the more "natural" chemos, nevertheless, I feel like a wrung out wet noodle. And food tastes strange. I tasted a natural lollypop and had to spit it out because it tasted like they had made it with pure salt, not sugar. Even water tastes odd. The upside is Taxotere didn't make me nauseated like AC - the other nasty chemo.

My oncologist gave me a "normal" dose for this first round, and plans ...

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