Beryl Markham

I am reading West With the Night, an autobiographical book  by Beryl Markham, an aviator (aviatrix?) who flew in the 1930's. She was the first woman to fly from England to North America, and in this book she tells of her experiences growing up in Kenya and flying small planes through the African bush. What a fascinating story!

Ernest Hemingway's posthumous letters contained the following paragraph of praise that rocketed Beryl Markham's book back into print in the 1980's. (At that time Markham herself was in her 80's.)

"she has written so well, and marvelously ...

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Russian cosmonauts latest to join the call for a creepy "singularity"

This would be just plain goofy, if it weren't for the big names involved - at least in Russian circles.

Unification of human consciousness and ascension to a higher state is survival outcome

The Russian scientist group state that their interpretation of ET communications is that the only way that humanity will survive is through a process of consciousness transfer to a higher dimension.  This appears to be a process similar to the "ascension" process described by other scientists such as Bulgarian scientist Dr. Georgi Stankov, who states that dimensional ascension in 2012 will be the only way that humanity ...

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Stumbling forward

Taxotere has still not returned the normalcy it stole from me last Wednesday. I woke up bright and chipper and even went for a 7 AM walk by the river, so I figured I was over the worst of it. By the afternoon I was once again stumbly, tear-prone, achy, and stupid. Not to mention ugly, since my nose has broken out in four places from the Taxotere and I have inch-long hair. (Even as a teen I never got zits, so this is a shock.)

In other news, I discovered today that you can no longer take photos in ...

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