The BBC Disses Christianity in China

Only the BBC (or similar MSM outlet) could call China's recent explosion of Christianity a "spiritual crisis." I'd call it a spiritual awakening after generations of communist atheistic repression.

Christians in China: Is the Country in Spiritual Crisis?

It is impossible to say how many Christians there are in China today, but no-one denies the numbers are exploding. The government says 25 million, 18 million Protestants and six million Catholics. Independent estimates all agree this is a vast underestimate. A conservative figure is 60 million. There are already more Chinese at ...

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Market Basket - Historical Prices

Some historical prices from my favorite, family-owned, card-free supermarket in MA.

1961 The week of September 23, 2022 Purity foods had a Lamb Sale! All cuts and sizes were on sale, including Oven Ready spring lamb for 57 cents a pound.

This week in 1986, Demoulas (Market Basket) had a few sales that we sometimes still see today! Coca-Cola 2 liter bottles for 99 cents and Pillsbury Brownie Mix for 99 cents. However they had a few that we can only dream about: King Size Dawn dish soap for $1.49, half gallons ...

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I've been experiencing severe "chemo-brain" this week since receiving my first infusion of Taxotere. It's got me wondering if I want to continue with this particular drug. Here are some links:

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My Recent Reading about Breast Cancer

Here are some interesting articles I've been reading recently about breast cancer.

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