Despite the awesome coolness of instant access to a kajillion videos, YouTube has some massive downsides. In addition to being owned by Google (which means Google tracks every second of YouTube video you watch), YouTube is filled with dark and horrible ads, "featured videos" of depraved garbage, and other assorted things I and my mind and spirit would rather avoid.

Even when I find good videos on YouTube (and there are certainly lots of them), I shudder when my eye falls on the ads, the suggested videos, and especially on the comments below each video. Do I really in a ...

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Fingerprints to be used at U.S.-Mexico border

More bad news involving biometrics and RFID. Skip past the jump for the RFID part, or read the whole article.

Fingerprints to be used at U.S.-Mexico border

Source: https://www.homelandsecuritynewswire.com/fingerprints-be-used-us-mexico-border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the Paso Del Norte (PDN) international crossing in El Paso have initiated work on a system which uses fingerprints to expedite the pedestrian entry process; CBP says the new system will result in more efficient processing of arriving pedestrian traffic...

The system requires a set of high quality fingerprints to be on file and linked ...

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Wearing it on your sleeve... literally

I need to start carrying a camera to take picture of some of the things I see when I go out. I was in Cambridge Common yesterday and was amazed at how everyone from the homeless kids with guitars in the park to the rich guy at the high-end dessert shop were wearing T-shirts proclaiming the fallen state of their souls. One said "Exploited" with a demon head (like this one), and another said "Fallen."

I wanted to throw on a T-shirt that said "Blessed" or "Saved" or "Loved" just as a counter-argument!

When I was looking for this T-shirt ...

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USA Today praises Google's "tap and pay" system

USA Today promotes worship at the altar of virtually everything I hate. And since it is America's #1 most read newspaper (a fact I get reminded of dozens of times every time I stay at a hotel or walk through an airport) it has a huge sway over the nation's opinions.

So when I saw that one of their bloggers did a review of Google Wallet, I knew I was in for a barfable ride. I was not disappointed. From the first line of this article (regarding CVS Pharmacy, which I have boycotted for years for their appalling ...

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Want as few neighbors and gov't as possible? Come to New Hampshire.

Only in New Hampshire would the local news do a story to answer people's burning question of where to go to avoid people. *laugh*

Which NH Towns Have Fewest People? Of the 234 cities and towns in New Hampshire, these 20 towns make up just .5% of the population. See a list of the state's smallest towns, their locations, and some of the attractions they're most well-known for, according to Census data and information from nh.gov.

Read more: https://www.wmur.com/slideshow/houseandhome/29256991/detail.html#ixzz1YisEDxw0

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