Welcome, New Radio Affiliates!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest radio stations to carry my Saturday talk radio show:

WNTK FM 99.7 - News Talk - New London, NH
WUVR AM 1490 AM and FM 98.9 - News Talk - Lebanon, NH
KLBM-AM 1450 kHz -
Supertalk - La Grande, Oregon
KBKR-AM 1490 kHz -
Talk - Baker, Oregon

Welcome Aboard!

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Why Laughter May Be the Best Medicine

Why Laughter May Be the Best Pain Medicine
Researchers at Oxford have found that laughter is a potent pain killer!

Got a headache or achy joints? Before popping a pain pill, try cracking open your favorite book of cartoons, surf on over to Engrish, or pop in a funny movie. Your pain may lift, and at the very least, your mood will.

"On average, watching about 15 minutes of comedy...increased pain threshold by 10 percent.... When laughter is elicited, pain thresholds are significantly increased, whereas when subjects watched something that does not naturally elicit laughter, pain thresholds do not ...

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Lawsuit over creepy Toyota ad campaign

Court Approves Lawsuit Against Toyota Over Cyberstalking Ad Stunt. Leave it to the geniuses at the Saatchi & Saatchi ad firm to think a fake cyberstalking prank would be a good way to sell cars.

Amber Duick was terrified when she started receiving prank emails from Toyota claiming to be from a creepy alcoholic guy who knew her home address and planned to visit her. Now she is suing Toyota and a bunch of people responsible for putting her through this frightening experience.

The worst part of Toyota's argument is their claim that Duick agreed to take part in this ...

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Red Sox player files for divorce while wife battles breast cancer

Red Sox player John Lackey files for divorce while wife battles cancer. Uggh. Of all the times to leave your wife. Do these athletes just want beautiful props, rather than real, flesh and blood wives -- in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer? If so, then what shallow lives they must lead.

Krista Lackey and I both had mastectomies in March of this year, so I have a sense of where she is in her treatment. I am sending her warm wishes for a successful recovery, a cancer-free future, and the strength to overcome her husband's abandonment at ...

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