Today's humor

Egads, I've been drowning in pill bottles lately. Before this whole escapade, I think I had maybe filled two prescriptions in five years, so this new reliance on the pharmaceutical industry is enormously unpleasant. (And will be temporary, trust me.)

It can get confusing trying to keep all the directions straight, but at least I don't have instructions like these printed on my medications.

(Courtesy of Failblog.)

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Day 3

I took today a lot slower than yesterday. I managed a 1.5 mile walk, a nap, and a jigsaw puzzle. *laugh* Thank goodness I have a husband who loves me and is helping me through this.

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Speaking of Laughter

I was getting ready for my chemotherapy treatment yesterday and wanted a little humor therapy.

So I clicked up my favorite humor site, Lovely Listing, and found this silly photo.

That's certainly odd, and it's sort of funny, but the real laughter came a few minutes later when I read this story from the reader comments below...

 Jill says: Ok, I’m going to tell my cheese story:

Newlyweds, my husband and I left on vacation. When we came back to our tiny apartment one night, he opened the fridge and a most horrible smell filled the ...

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I survived yesterday's chemo

I am up and about today, writing email, doing accounting, and getting out Fall clothes and putting the summer ones in storage. I am nausea-free, have no headache, and I even drove to the boarders this morning to pick up my dog at 9:30 AM. Not bad for the day after chemo when normally I would be lounging all day in bed! I do have a bright red (Taxotere?) rash all over my face and neck that makes it look I spent yesterday at the beach. Which is a nicer thought than spending it with a needle in my ...

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