Herceptin Movie: "Living Proof"

I watched the first half of the made-for-TV movie "Living Proof" with my mom and sister tonight. It's the story of the development of Herceptin, the breast cancer treatment drug that targets the HER2 receptor on the cancer cells of 15%-30% of women with breast cancer. Prior to the advent of Herceptin, HER2+ breast cancer (pronounced "her two positive") was an especially dangerous form of the disease, since it is very fast-growing and aggressive.

We ordered the movie on DVD. Here is Lifetime's description:

“Living Proof” is the true story of oncologist and researcher Dr. Dennis Slamon ...

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Video Games: Sublimating players into the machine

What would make people willingly sacrifice their bodies and even their lives for a fake existence in a mainframe somewhere? World of Warcraft addicts are already doing it by the millions, and I bet many would gladly commit real life suicide if it led to immortality in the game.

This excerpt from a movie by Michael Highland, a 20-something, self-professed video game addict, talks about how gaming makes the real world "flat."

(Note: To watch the video footage that goes with any portion of this transcript, go here and scroll through the interactive transcript on the right. Click any phrase ...

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Is the Singularity related to the Mark of the Beast?

So-called "technological futurists" like Peter Cochrane, Ray Kurzweil, and Kevin Warwick are talking about a time when human beings will be able to upload and unify our consciousnesses into a single, borg-like cosmic entity. The goal, of course, is immortality. "Living" in the network will mean an end to death, since our thoughts and consciousness will be stored in digital form and accessible forever. That means we can dump these annoying bodies that break down (and get cancer), and have endless fun in a permanent video game instead. Or so the story goes.

The catch is you will have to ...

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Welcome to my blog

2011 has been quite a year! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and my life has not stopped changing since.

As a researcher, educator, activist, and public speaker, I hope I can pass along some of what I'm learning to help others. I also want a space to note interesting things I find in the course of research cancer and other unrelated, esoteric things. Someday I would like to tie it all together into a book.

I've gained a lot of insight and courage from reading other women's blogs as they deal with breast cancer ...

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