Cancer treatment is kicking my b***

Warning: This post is nothing but a long, aching, grumpy, ranting complaint.

I've been slogging through this treatment mire for ten and a half months, and I am starting to feel really tired. My life is starting to feel like an endurance contest between me and the oncogene. I can only hope the cancer feels tireder than I do and gives up and ships out - before I give out.

I have photos of my super-complicated "breath holding" daily radiation treatments on my camera, and will do my best to post them here over the weekend. They're really shocking ...

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Radiation - not so simple

It's been a while since I checked in with an update since my radiation mapping - and there's a reason. To make a long story short, my left-sided breast cancer complicated things by putting my heart directly in the path of the nuclear beam. The radiation oncologists have switched me to a rather complicated Plan B, which I will tell you about later when I get a tad more energy.

Meanwhile, I had my first official round with the particle accelerator today. (I.e., I've been zapped.)

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