Tattooed IV drug user - that's me

With that last Taxotere dose behind me, I am officially done with "chemotherapy" (though I still have miles to go with intravenous Herceptin and TDM1).  Now I am officially onto the radiation phase.

Radiation treatment sends X-rays to the chest wall where the cancer first started and up under the axilla (underarm) where it spread into my lymph nodes. It is administered to kill any remaining cancer cells lurking in my chest area, which vastly improves my chances of survival.

I went to the radiation center yesterday to get "mapped" for the radiation treatments. They put me into a big ...

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Singer Songwriter Sand Sheff

I had a great time visiting with singer-songwriter Sand Sheff on my show today!

Below are details about Sand's book and music.

Sand Sheff - "Real is Good" (Book)

Real Is Good - Reality, Freedom and the Computer Network

Printed Paperback Book $14.95
Available at LuLu

PDF E-Book $5.95
Available at LuLu

Author and entertainer Sand Sheff lays out a plausible argument that the International Computer Network is rapidly ...

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My New Hair!!!

Yay! Thanks to the wig-making genius of Andrew DiSimone and the generosity of awesome radio listener Dave Vallen, I have hair again!! (I lost my long, red hair due to chemotherapy for breast cancer, as you can read about in this blog.)

I am posting this "on the run" as I prepare for today's radio show, but couldn't wait to share this photo, taken as I was running for the train last night at Grand Central Station in NYC! (Forgive that it's messy and blurry -- I'll post a better "studio" photo later.)

Details today on my ...

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Creepy and Lovely Images of the Day - From the Salvation Army

Alright, I'll admit I haven't been very charitable to the surly yet well-meaning volunteers at Newt Gingrich's NH headquarters. I'm sure they're really nice people just doing the best they know how to clean up the mess all around them. It's not their fault they're supporting a terrible candidate who has never apologized for his broken personal promises. And it's not their fault they're now trusting him to keep his promises to the rest of us, right? (Wait, isn't it their fault?)

Whatever. I just really don't want Newt ...

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Newt's fun-loving NH volunteers

Wow! Check out these happy-go-lucky volunteers over at the "Newt Hampshire" headquarters. As we can see from Newt's back, the campaign workers are getting personally motivated by Newt himself -- and it shows! Here's an actual screen shot from the website:

Don't worry, it's just an optical illusion that makes these people look like an angry lynch mob. Seriously, if they were having any more fun, they'd have to be hospitalized.

"I can hardly wait... for... this... campaign... to... end."
"Yeah. Unless he proposes to one of us real soon, we're just wasting ...

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