What chemo feels like 4 days out

Yesterday I was trying to describe to my husband  how I feel four days after receiving my second dose of Taxotere. Basically, I feel like a slug - even though I'm not!

If you've every actually been a slug, figuratively speaking, you know what I am talking about. Roll out of bed around 11:00 AM and eat each of the items in this photo for breakfast. Then, without showering or getting dressed, plunk down on the sofa with the shades drawn and watch five or six hours of Judge Judy and Love American Style reruns. Play video games ...

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The TSA humiliates another breast cancer patient

Ick. The TSA has a  bad record when it comes to dealing with medical conditions, especially breast cancer. On Friday, TSA agents forced a mastectomy survivor with tissue expander implants to allow them to "inspect" her already brutalized breasts.

Patients are told that their implants may be detected by security scanners, so they are given a card that describes the device. It provides the doctor's phone number so security officials can clear the patient without an invasive (and potentially painful) examination. In this case, TSA agents would not allow the patient, Lori Dorn, to even access the information card ...

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Man nabbed for stolen credit card after he used own gas loyalty card

I did my doctoral dissertation on so-called "loyalty cards." They are privacy-invading nightmares whose main purpose is to identify people and track their purchases. In the course of my research, I discovered that only 1 in 4 people is aware that "rewards" cards are used to make detailed records of their purchases, whereabouts, and shopping activities.

Then I see a story like this one, where a criminal actually scans his rewards card while committing a crime. How clueless can you be? Apparently pretty clueless. The thief in this case was a Sears cashier who stole a customer's credit card ...

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