"Living on Reds, Vitamin C, and Cocaine..."

Well, I haven't quite been living on those three things. But I have been drinking more caffeine than I've ever consumed in my life (it helps keep the chemo-brain at bay), and I suppose Adriamycin, the first chemo drug I received, *is* a bright, scary Kool Aid red. Not due to artificial color, mind you, but because it's derived from a naturally red soil bacteria.

In an interesting side note, the mud it was first found in really is red - and royal, too:

"Unlike many other antibiotic drugs, the origins of adriamycin/doxorubicin were not in a ...

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New Eric Bibb Music -- on Myspace

As I type this, I am listening to an awesome song by my favorite singer Eric Bibb. I've never heard this one before: "Shavin' Talk." That man sure has his priorities straight. Give it a listen!

And this song of his, "Needed Time," is one of the best songs ever recorded:

Note those are MySpace addresses. Bet it's been a while since you've been on MySpace, huh?  But I just realized I love MySpace, because it doesn't make me log ...

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Hair, hair, hair

The first words out of my mouth when I was told I would be getting chemo were, "Will I lose my hair?" I've spoken to other women, and almost without exception we all blurted out the same dumb question. I was embarrassed later to realize that my first thought was so completely vain, shallow, and irrelevant, but when it comes to chemo, most women think hair first, no matter what age, race, or nationality they are, and regardless of the severity of their cancer.

Of course, we're also freaking out, wondering, "Will I live to see my 50th ...

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Just checking in...

I have a huge backlog of stories I want to post here, but I haven't gotten to them because things have been so busy and hectic in my life. I keep thinking "I'll wait til I have a few hours free to really write these things properly," and then of course, those hours never present themselves.

So while I wait for these mythical spans of writing time to appear, I should at least post my own status -- which has mostly been great for this week. I've had only a few scary spots of "chemo-brain" where I started ...

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