San Marcos Protest - Television Coverage


CBS News, Austin, KEYE Channel 42
"Some Against Microchipping Animals in San Marcos"
10:00 PM News  3/3/09

NEWS 8, Austin, Time Warner 24-Hour Local News
"Plan to require microchips in pets rejected" 
Repeated News Feed 3/4/09
Story here
Video link here

FOX News, Austin, Channel 7
Archived at:

NBC News, Austin, KXAN, Channel 42
"San Marcos to revisit pet microchipping"
Story and video here

CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network
"Pet Lovers Protest Micro-Chipping Law"
3/5/09 ...

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The Spirit of Good People is Being Called (11 March 2022)

The Spirit of Good People is Being Called

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Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.


By: Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 11, 2022

I once had this sensation a couple of years ago while I was thinking about God’s work across this planet. For just a moment, I had connected mentally with the “thousand points of light” as all of God’s people were being called to rise up and shine their light in this dark, dark world. That’s kind of how ...

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San Marcos Protest - Print Coverage


"Chips Dipped: Council Sends Pet Rules Back to the Drawing Board"
by Anita Miller, March 5, 2022
"I'm against mandatory tagging and for voluntary," said resident Dottie Barnes.  "I don't want to put a foreign object in my living animal."
"Two City Council Members want Pet Chipping Chunked"
by Anita Miller, March 3, 2022
Council member Chris Jones and fellow Council member John Thomaides will request that microchipping be removed from the new ordinance before it goes into effect on April 1.From the start, controversy has swirled around requiring ...

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News Flashes - 03-07-09

Couple alleges hospital killed son for his organs
Lawsuit claims Pa. doctors caused 18-year-old accident victim to suffocate

Card-Based Payments on the Rise Due to Rewards Programs

French Connection Stores Implement Loss Prevention Technology
A new system uses real-time behavioral profiling to analyze expected transactions for each store, cash register and cashier, based on prior data and real-time register information. The continuous, real-time analytics provide detailed alerts to regional and/or store-level managers when ...

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San Marcos Chipping Ordinance - Details

* What is the name and number of the ordinance?



* What exactly does the ordinance call for pet owners to do (related to microchips)? What animals are targeted?


Section 6.044. Identification/Registration Microchip Required.

(a) It is a violation of this chapter if any person owning, keeping, harboring or having custody of

a dog or cat over the age of four (4) months within the City of San Marcos does not register such

animal as provided herein. Police dogs or assistance animals shall be exempt from the

Identification ...

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