News Flashes - 02-26-09

Janet Napolitano Dumps Real ID in Favor of "RFID-ID"?
Napolitano debates Real ID: Will examine alternatives to driver's licenses
DHS Head Janet Napolitano said she is looking at Washington state's RFID-enhanced driver's licenses that are accepted for crossing into the state from Canada as an alternative to REAL ID. This would be a nightmare far worse than REAL ID.

Perry Denies Enhanced Driver's License Program (Jan 2008)
EL PASO – Today, Governor Rick Perry announced his intention to block implementation of the Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) program in Texas. The enhanced driver's license is a ...

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Letter to Mayor, City Council, and Animal Control Board of San Marcos, TX

The Hon. Mayor Susan Narvaiz
c/o Collette Jameson, Assistant City Manager
City of San Marcos
630 East Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666

February 24, 2022

Dear Mayor Narvaiz:

I am writing to urge the City of San Marcos to reconsider its mandatory pet microchipping ordinance. As you may know, a dog died just last month after receiving an RFID microchip implant, thus raising new questions about the safety of the chipping procedure. This tragic incident is part of a growing body of evidence that has caused many communities to reject mandatory microchipping in favor of voluntary programs that leave ...

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Feb 20, 2022

Michigan State Rep. Paul Opsommer, R-DeWitt, today blasted new Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for her recent comments regarding the expansion of the current "Enhanced Drivers License Program" into both border and non-border states.... Opsommer is pushing for a moratorium on the creation of any Enhanced Driver License until how the data will be shared is clarified, as well the need to include the RFID computer chips is stripped out.
Nevada bill would turn RFID researchers into felons
The sponsor of a controversial bill before the Nevada legislature has promised ...

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Feb 3, 2009: Dog Bleeds to Death After "Routine" Microchip Implant Procedure

For Immediate Release
February 3, 2022

Charlie BrownDog Bleeds to Death After "Routine" Microchip Implant Procedure
Grieving owner calls for an end to mandatory microchipping in Los Angeles

A fluffy bundle of life, love, and enthusiasm named Charlie Brown was laid to rest last week, the victim of a microchip implant gone horribly wrong. The long-haired, purebred Chihuahua bled to death in the arms of his distraught owners, Lori and Ed Ginsberg of Agua Dulce, California, just hours after undergoing the controversial chipping procedure.

"I wasn't in favor of getting Charlie chipped, but it was the law," said Lori Ginsberg ...

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