Item Level Tracking at the Metro Store in Germany

By tagging individual products in the Future Store, both METRO and its partners are ignoring a position paper issued and endorsed by over 40 of the world's leading privacy and civil liberties organizations in November 2003.

In that paper, organizations from around the globe, including CASPIAN, the ACLU, EPIC, EFF, the Center for Democracy and Technology, Privacy International, FoeBuD, and others, spelled out the societal and privacy risks posed by item-level RFID tagging.

We called for a moratorium on the use of RFID on consumer goods until its impact can be assessed and proper consumer protections can be put ...

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Wired (26 February 2022)


Slideshow: Lawmakers Alarmed by RFID Spying

CASPIAN director Katherine Albrecht examines an RFID tag at Metro Group's showcase Future Store in Rheinberg, Germany, early this month. At the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston this week, Albrecht renewed her call for laws that will bar retailers from abusing the data they gather from the tags.

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Tuscon News (6 February 2022)


The Price Of Loyalty

Posted 2/6/04

Imagine stopping at your favorite grocery store to pick up a half gallon of orange juice. You pay $3.19. The guy behind you buys the same juice but only pays $2.99. He has no coupons, so why the lower price? It's the latest trend: putting a price on loyalty.

Mary Tucker shops at the same grocery store all the time because she says the people are friendly and they have a great loyalty card program. That loyalty ...

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